The deal
Founders access our bulletproof combo of investment and knowledge through our pre-acceleration and acceleration programs.
Our initial ticket is €50-250K, but we can invest up to €1M into a single company through follow-on rounds. Idea stage can use our equity-free grants to get started.
  • Grants
  • Pre-accelerator
Have an idea?
For founders or teams with an MVP
Our offer includes equity-free €4.5K per team member for practically validating your MVP and a 7-week pre-acceleration program to:
  • Identify your customer profiles
  • Practically validate your MVP
  • Prepare for the future
  • Investment
  • Accelerator
Have a product?
For startups that have a team, working product, and first traction
To boost your growth, we have prepared an investment of up to €100K (with the follow-on possibility) and a 16-week accelerator program to:
  • Increase traction and revenue by working on B2B/B2C sales and marketing
  • Prepare to raise the pre-seed round
  • Hire top talent
  • Investment
  • Optional accelerator
Have growing traction?
For startups that have growing traction
If your startup is among our focus areas, we are prepared to invest €200-500K (with the follow-on possibility). We will also invite you to optionally attend our acceleration program, which could help you:
  • Increase traction & revenue by working on B2B/B2C sales and marketing
  • Prepare to raise seed round
  • Hire top talent

What is FIRSTPICK investing in?

  • Early stage, MVP, product, early traction & early revenue;
  • SaaS, Fintech, Deeptech, Consumer marketplaces (but are not limited to that);
  • Both B2B & B2C.

What matters?

  • Why now?
  • Why you?
  • How much money do you need & what is the logic behind this number?
  • Who is on your team?

What is the process?

  • Fill in this 4 min form;
  • We will come back to you in 2 days;
  • You will have 2-3 calls or coffees with the fund partners.

Does FIRSTPICK always lead investment rounds?

We like to partner early and lead rounds; however, we are flexible and sometimes co-lead or co-invest if it is the best for everyone involved.

Have a killer idea?
We are curious, let’s chat!

Our strength lies in our community, which inspired our token program on Token holders gain a chance to earn a share of our team’s carry. Refer a startup and become a FIRSTPICK token holder!